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Twenty-five Paulist Priests have served in Malvern parish from 1938 to 1966. Some were posted at the Blessed Sacrament as parish priests while others used the parish as a base for their missionary work. Missionaries travelled extensively throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania.

The following Paulist Fathers have served as parish priests from 1938-1966:

  • 1938: Fathers Henry Fisher, Claude Collins and Thomas Holloran
  • 1944: Fathers Richard Payne and John Bradley
  • 1946: Fathers Henry Flautt, John O’ Keefe, Harold Foye and Walter Dalton
  • 1948: Father James Lloyd
  • 1950: Fathers Albert Roy and Lewis
  • 1952: Father Francis McGough
  • 1954: Father Conlin
  • 1956: Fathers Barrett and McDowell
  • 1958: Father Sheehy

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